“Kim is the best of the best when it comes to the art and science of vocal training. If you are ready to work hard and see results, there is nobody better. My voice has grown so much since working with her (even my speaking voice).” – Mimi

“I’ve always loved singing but had never been formally trained and had very little confidence in my ability. Kim has brilliantly guided me on my journey, helping me reach a potential I never dreamed possible.”  – Michele

“She has a great ear for what can be improved and all the expertise to make this happen. The results are amazing. You can really hear the difference, and feel the difference in your throat. She really knew how to make me less tense and handed me the tools to go easy on my vocal chords. Not only is she an extremely skilled professional, who knows what she is doing, she’s also capable of having it all make sense to you, by explaining everything in a clear matter.” – Claartje

“I just finished this seminar and one of the other attendees said as we said goodbye “I just want to tell you how much I noticed your voice, how you totally capture my attention when you were speaking, even from the first introductions of the workshop” Thanks Kim.” – Steve

“Thanks for a great performance. I just wanted to say again how good you are to just jump in a group and get them along with your humor. And it’s not only your humor and great voice. I learnt something from you during the session. I saw you accepting everybody and every behaviour by not only acknowledging it, but also encouraging it. What touched me was that you just said – I just love them.” – Carolein

“I learned more in one lesson with you than I did in the entire singing course I did last year.” – Lara

“I wish I had found you sooner.” – Julius

“You’re a genius.” – Georgie Bow