How I can help you as a singer
There are no shortcuts to quality training but each step of the way you can celebrate noticeable improvement: You will sing from the bottom of your voice to the top without losing connection or having to yell. You will gain an understanding of how your voice works. Training will give an authentic voice (uncluttered, unmanufactured and uninterfered with). Problem areas will be gone. You can expect to gain confidence. You will get more sound with less effort. You won’t lose your voice or feel overly tired after recordings and performances. Songs that used to feel too difficult will be easier

The only speech level vocal teacher in the Netherlands

“Speech Level Singing is the ability to always maintain a speech level production of tone – one that stays connected from one part of your range to another. You don’t sing like you speak, but you need to keep the same comfortable, easily produced vocal posture you have when you speak so that you don’t reach up for high notes or press down for low ones. This takes time and patience to coordinate. A teacher needs to know how to get each of his students to sing through his or her range in a connected, easy manner, without any “breaks” or sudden changes of tone quality. This is Speech Level Singing.” – Seth Riggs