Kim Sutherland has received teacher training from the world’s most prestigious vocal teachers: Maestro Seth Riggs (founder of SLS and vocal teacher of Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Barbara Streisand and more), Robert Raab Stevenson (worked with Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Kelly Rowlands and personal voice coach of Rihanna, specialist R&B styling), Greg Enriquez (Master Teacher SLS, coached James Ingram and Celine Dion) and Jeffrey Skouson (CEO of Speech Level Singing organization and Master Teacher), Katie Riggs (R&B recording artist KatyK and daughter of Maestro Seth Riggs), Kathy Kennedy (Master Teacher SLS), Spencer Welch (Master Teacher SLS) and Guy Babusek (Master Teacher SLS specialist classical voice training).

Additional voice training includes the Linklater voice method for actors with Isobel Kirk (trained personally by Kristin Linklater), voice for actors with John Noble (Denethor in The Lord of The Rings Trilogy). Bodywork education includes Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, dance and yoga.

Performing professionally as a child in television, musicals, pantomimes, films and plays she had her own jazz band at the age of fifteen.

A member of Carclew Theatre Company and On The Beach Theatre Company theatre, worked in theatre projects by Ariette Taylor, Nigel Triffid and Paul Adolphus in the Festival Theatre, Australian Dance Theatre and Theatre 62 South Australia.

Trained as an actor at the Centre of Performing Arts in Adelaide, South Australia. Musically educated at the South Australian Conservatorium of Music, Jazz Department.

She has worked as a model, actress, writer, dancer, stand up comedian, fortune teller, piano player and singer. Kim has performed in Australia, Germany, Belgium, France and Italy. She has worked on television and radio and in all the major jazz clubs in The Netherlands.